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Standard U-Clips - 1000 Series

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U-Clip fasteners are a type of spring cliip that snap easily over metal, plastic or wooden panels providing a strong clamping action for firm, vibration-free assembly. They are self-sufficient, requiring no holes, screws, welds, rivets or other secondary fastening devices. They are low cost, removable and reusable, requiring only the simplest assembly procedure. Turned up lead lips on one or both legs allow for fast assembly over the panel edges. In addition to our standard products listed here, we specialize in manufacturing custom designs for unique applications. Our staff will help you with your design, provide you with pricing and produce a final part print for your your approval. We have a 27,500 piece production minimum for custom designs.

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Item Name

Panel Range (P)

U-Clips Design Variation

Leg Length (A)

Leg Length (A1)

Part Width (B)

Material Thickness (T)

Tinnerman #

1245 U-Clip - 1000 Series 0.245 to 0.255 BE 0.36 0.36 0.500 0.014 C45931-014
1322 U-Clip - 1000 Series 0.320 to 0.340 D 0.61 0.61 0.500 0.020 C20160-020
  Results 51 - 52 of 52 1 2 3 
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