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ACS # 5080M, Flat Nut - 5000 Series

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Flat nut fasteners are one-piece, self-locking, spring-steel fasteners that replace threaded nuts, lockwashers and spanner washers. On many applications they eliminate time consuming assembly operations. They are fast and easy to apply while providing maximum holding power at minimum cost per fastener. They can never shake loose from vibration, yet can be easily loosened when desired.

In addition to our standard products listed here, we specialize in manufacturing custom designs for unique applications. Our staff will help you with your design, provide you with pricing and produce a final part print for your your approval. We have a 25,000 piece production minimum for custom designs.

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Screw Size


Length (L)


Width (W)


Material Thickness (T)


Flat Nuts Design Variation



*For optimum quality, all e-qual-fast—>™ Flat Nuts are supplied with notches on the ends.

Cross Reference Part Numbers

Tinnerman #



Flat Nuts - 5000 Series Variations
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Plating Data
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